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Mirage 4 EVO

Mirage is an important name in the history of AEV Broadcast audio processors, and the thousands of units operating all over the world testify to the success of this device, for this reason it seemed right to continue this name even with the Digital Evolution.

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Mirage 4 Evo, digital audio processor, DSP powered, a complete solution for a modern Radio Broadcast, with all full basical features that the broadcaster need. In addition to the basic functions, we have included some functions that make this product unique and highly performing in the cost range proposed by AEV, with a very competitive price and a hight ratio quality/ price, always in the AEV philosophy: high performance but with low costs strong advanced standard features:

  • Audio input mode: Stereo, Mono, Left only, Right only
  • Balanced audio analog inputs & outputs
  • Digital AES/EBU and optical inputs & outputs
  • Advanced audio level detection with auto-switch of audio source
  • Digital audio process, 24 bit resolution
  • Very low audio latency on audio signal ( 3 ms)
  • 3-bands audio process
  • 4 band equalizer
  • Stereo Enhancher
  • HD audio output configuration
  • Headphone audio monitor output
  • ACG control
  • Digital Stereo coder MPX
  • Radio Data System encoder
  • RDS data decoder for RDS signal regeneration
  • Web server built-in with full remote control
  • USB, RS232, Ethernet connection
  • Version FM, MPX, MPX+RDS

Technical Specs


Frequency response

20Hz ÷ 15 KHz FM version

20Hz ÷ 20 KHz HD version

20Hz ÷ 10 KHz AM version

Stop band rejection                              > 78 dB beyond 17 KHz

Noise                                                 > 65 dB in all conditions  (depends on the processing)

Total distortion                                    < 0,01 %

Total system separation                         > 67 dB (30 Hz – 15 kHz)


Configuration                                       Left and Right

Impedance                                          10 K Ohm/ 600 Ohm balanced

CMRR                                                 > 45 dB from 30 to 15 Khz

A/D Conversion                                       192 kHz sample rate

Sensitivity                                           ±12dBu

Maximum input level                             +15 dBu

Connector                                           XLR-type, female,

Pin 1 Chassis Pin 2 & 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical


Digital input configuration                      AES 3 professional (IEC-60958)

Digital AES 3 Input Impedance               110 ohm Balanced

Digital AES 3 Input Connector                XLR Female

Sample Rate Automatic lock                   32 – 44.1 – 48 – 96 KHz

Resolution                                           24 Bit


Configuration                                       Left and Right. Flat or pre-emphasized (50μS – 75μS)

Impedance                                          30 W electronically balanced and floating

Minimum load impedance                      600 Ohm

Maximum output level                           +15 dBu into 600 W load

Connector                                           XLR-type, male

Pin 1 Chassis

Pin 2 & 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical


Digital Output Sample Rate                    Software Selectable 32 – 44.1 – 48 – 96 KHz

Resolution                                           24 Bit

Digital Output configuration                    stereo AES 3 Transformer Balanced  (IEC-60958)

Digital Output Impedance                      110 Ohm  Balanced

Digital Output Level                               – 12.00 / 0 dBFS adjustable

Digital Output Connector                       XLR Male


Configuration                                       one output

Pilot freq.                                            19 KHz ± 0.001% Max over temp.

Pilot injection                                       +4 ÷ 12 %

Distortion                                            < 0.005 % @1 kHz

Noise signal ratio                                  70 dB (Din Audio,Bypass mode) Typical

Stereo separation                                 60 dB Typical

Crosstalk Main to Sub                           Great 48 dB 30-15 kHz

Crosstalk Sub to Main                           Great 46 dB 30-15 kHz

38 kHz subcarrier suppression                70 dB Typical

76 kHz suppression                              70 dB Typical

Composite audio level                           0 ÷ 12dB

Connector                                           BNC

Output impedance                                50 Ohm


Terminal Interface                                Ethernet / RS232- at rear, asynchronous

Data Input                                          Full duplex

Format                                               Selectable

Serial Transmission Speed                     2400 ÷ 19600 baud

Connector                                           RJ45 / RS232/ USB

Data management                                Microprocessor controlled

Non volatile memory Flash data retention 10 years

Logic  I/O

Connector                                           DB15 cannon female


Mains Voltage                                         90 – 260 Vac / 50 Hz full range

Dimension                                           (WxHxD) 48,3 x 19,4 x 4,4 cm 1 rack unit

Weight                                               3,5 Kg.

Operating Temp.                                  0 ÷ 50° C.

Operating  Humidity.                             Max 95% non condensing


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Digital TV

TV Transmitters ATSC DVB-T ISDB-T


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