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D&R’s new Airmate USB mixer has 6 balanced mic inputs (+48 phantom is standard) with insert, 12 stereo line inputs, 2x USB and 2x Telephone Hybrids. Channel 5 and 6 of the Airmate mixer have Mic/Line and USB interface to transfer audio from and to your PC. Channel 7 and 8 have, apart from the stereo line input, also RJ-11 connectors to interface with a POT (Plain Old Telephone) line and a telephone appliance. The Airmate from D&R includes high quality built in hybrids with R and C balance and direct talk back channels make a conversation with listeners very easy. D&R’s new Airmate mixer has USB front panel ON switches wired in series with the built in mechanical fader to start selection either way. The fader start generates a “Mic-on” sig­nal to activate ON-AIR lights as well. There is a 3 band equalizer on channel 1-6 and the stereo Aux send can be set pre or post fader. All mic inputs have low cut jumpers. The perfect mixing board for Podcasting, Webcasting, or streaming to the internet!

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