Services and solutions Radio-TV for everyone

Radio FM

FM Transmitters with the most recent technology.

Take care of your radio station, choose from high quality transmitters and save money with our high efficiency transmitters.

Antennas & Power Dividers

Improve your coverage using the right antenna for the job

Choosing an antenna or antenna system could be your most important decision and make the difference between good or poor coverage.


Studio Transmitter link designed for FM & TV

Let’s create a solid bridge between the studios location and the transmitter location.


Full duplex | Ideally for HD TV Stations
Coming soon

RF Pallets

Looking to build your own transmitter?

Creating your own transmitters it could be a huge challenge. Let’s help you with our great RF pallets collection.

RF Transistors

Find out the right RF transistor you need.


Improve or protect what is important for your actual installation.

Digital TV

We provide professional solutions for Digital TV

No matter what kind of TV station would you like to create: small, medium or high power. We are ready to support you with every single detail. From the concept to completion…

TV Transmitters

Coming soon


H.264 | H.265 | Multiplexer
Coming soon

Studio Accessories

Capture your audience using the best audio mixers and audio processors

Listeners won’t be able to switch off the radio  after they listen your qualirty station…

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